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Definitely get rid of your hairs legs, armpits, face, bikini area... thanks to a diode laser-based hair removal treatment.

This technique is suitable for every type of skins, dark or light. The hairs are removed without any damage.

Visit Be Life Medical Clinic, centre for aesthetic medicine, located at Tours et Taxis, Brussels.

Tel: 0470 / 10 10 06


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Livia Kova pampers its customers with a wide range of cutting-edge, luxury services ranging from waxing to permanent hair removal or facial massages. Come visit this oasis of peace.

Located in Brussels, this institute likes to innovate by offering traditional Eastern European techniques mixed with new Western European technologies.

Tel: 02 / 280 43 29

EPILIA - Uccle

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Epilia is one of the largest permanent hair removal institute. Whether you're a man or a woman, whatever the area to be depilated or your skin color, these professionals welcome you to their Uccle center to help you with your hair removal project. The first consultation is free, and prices vary according to the area to be treated and the number of appointments.

Tel: 03 / 830 66 80

QUO VADIS - Brussels

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Say goodbye to your hairs thanks to various innovative and painless techniques. Quo Vadis offers its services to women as well as men. Whether you'd rather have a traditional wax depilation or a permanent hair removal, visit them!


Located in Brussels since more than 5 years, this beauty salon suggests you many cares : face and body depilation for men and women (legs, chest, etc.), manicures, massages... The beauticians of L'instant welcome you in a friendly atmosphere and guarantee you quality services thanks to their experience and know-how.

Do you own a beauty and depilation salon in Brussels?

As a professional in this field, if you are active in the Brussels area and if you are experienced, you can join our network. We provide you various customised solutions in order to increase your public recognition and expand your client basis.

Choose wisely your hair removal technique

When you select a method over another one, there are several criteria that come to your mind. The first one is probably the price of each one of those techniques, the second one may be the pain you are likely to feel.

Of course, the first one doesn’t require any help from a professional: shaving is the easiest and cheapest option of all. Nevertheless, people often experience ingrown hairs and the regrowth is sometimes uncomfortable. You can use plucking at home with the help of tweezers, but you’d better use it on small surfaces -such as the eyebrows- or else it would take too much time.

When visiting a wellness centre, the vast majority of the hair removal sessions consist in waxing. Thanks to the experience of your beauty therapist, this method should not take too much time. Moreover, hot wax opens the pores, which reduces the feeling of pain. Often, threading is among the services. It is a quick way to remove facial hairs.

Finally, one that can only be practiced by experts in the field of aesthetics is the laser hair removal. There are things to discuss first in order to make sure your type of skin won’t be damaged. If this technique suits you, there will be several sessions before a permanent result.

Information published on the webpage Brussels Wellness / Depilation.

More information about the sevices provided by these institutes

Whether you want a smooth skin because summer is approaching or you want to permanently get rid of undesired body hairs, our selection of beauty centres is for you! The estheticians will use several depilation techniques in order to remove every hair of your legs, back, chest, bikini line and even face. Depending on the zone of your body, these professional will use several techniques. Indeed, threading, for example is often used for the eyebrows while waxing works for the larger and less sensitive areas such as legs, backs and chests. Hot wax is recommended to appease the pain while removing hair on the armpits and pubic regions.

Do you know there is a difference between epilation and depilation? The former is the removal of the entire hair including the bulb inside your skin while the latter is more of a superficial removal, quite similar to shaving. The beauty centres above provide you long-term solutions such as waxing, threading or sugaring.

Where does the threading technique come from?

Nowadays, many institutes offer this hair removal method. It is mainly used to define your eyebrows. It consists in using a cotton or polyester thread forming a cross. This technique has the great advantage to pluck the hair directly at the follicle. Even if the hairs are removed one by one, the session is quick thanks to the expertise of the aesthetician.

Threading comes from the Middle East and South Asia, and more precisely from the region around India and Iran. It is said that it was already used 6000 years ago to remove the hair from the face of women that entered adulthood. it was therefore a sign that the woman was ready for marriage.

Other institutes in Brussels

If you're looking to get your hairs permanently removed, check these addresses:

Sisa Laser : If you want to definitively get rid of your hairs, Sisa Laser is a beauty centre specialised in depilation. They use various technological techniques such as pulsed light or diode laser for a maximum of efficiency. Tel: 02/217 07 15.

So Beauty - Etterbeek: Get rid of your hairs thanks to this institute. The beauticians provide several wax depilation sessions for every part of your body and face (chin, eyebrow, chest...) whether you're a woman or a man. Tel: 0471/65 29 44.