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Most Medicis practitioners are multilingual and can offer consultations in several languages.
The dietician can also carry out consultations specialized in sports nutrition:

- Weight management
- Natural optimization of performances
- Management of glycogen, especially before and during a competition

He will give you food preparation techniques and multiples types of cooking.

Tel : 02 / 762 03 25


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This center will help you find a balanced and active life. A professional dietitian receive your requests and give you advice that match your personal situation whether you are overweight, pregnant or just trying to lose a few pounds.


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Your life rythm and habits, but also your age and morphology have an influence on your diet. This coach offers you a way to find a better balance. He creates personalised programs especially for you.


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A varied and balanced diet offered for people suffering from diabetes. Prevention and treatment for obesity, hypertension, cholesterol.
Rue Marcel Marien, 21 - 1030 Schaerbeek
Tel : 02 / 743 07 80


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Complementarity of services around weight management as well in prevention as in therapeutic or particular situations: overweight, obesity, diabetes,...
Tel : 02 / 421 16 21

MEDISPORT - Dietary counseling in Brussels

Go through personal results and understand what is wrong in your food habits, thanks to Philippe Reumont. On that ground, you will be able to eat better and have a healthier lifestyle.
Weight loss, diabetes, kids, food intolerances...
Tel : 02 / 675 74 22


This experienced dietetician takes charge of every person who wants to follow her advice, if they suffer from excess weight, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, etc. Manon Desmet teaches you how to eat healthy by helping you to do your shopping.

Are you a nutritionist in Brussels ?

As a professional in this field, if you are active in the Brussels area and if you are experienced, you can join our network. We provide you various customised solutions in order to increase your public recognition and expand your client basis.

The main differences between a dietitian and a nutritionist

In Belgium, the title of "dietitian" is protected by the law. Indeed, each professional in this field is required to receive a certification issued by the authorities. The educational training consists in a three-year study, which leads to a Bachelor’s Degree.

In contrast, a nutritionist is unacknowledged by itself; you are not assured to visit an expert. Nevertheless, a physician or a dietitian can possess the title of "nutritionist" added to their Bachelor’s certificate or Doctor’s Degree. Indeed, medical studies give access to a “clinical nutrition” specialisation, students of biomedical science can even study “human nutrition”. 

Concerning the services they provide, the dietitian will follow known rules and scientific programs in order to help you to find a life balance. They are in constant exchange with doctors, researchers and so on to provide a service based on the latest discoveries in this field. Their advice addresses a whole group of individuals. By contrast, a nutritionist may give some pieces of advice for specific diets such as gluten intolerant or vegetarian eaters.

Indeed, if you suffer from a serious disease linked to weight (diabetes, obesity...) or from eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia...), you are more likely to follow the advice of a professional such as a dietitian. Otherwise, to follow a new diet which will help you feel or sleep better, you may be satisfied with the help of a nutritionist.

Information published on the 1st of July, 2020 on the page Brussels Wellness / Dietetics and nutrition.

More information about nutritionists and dietitians

Whether you want to lose weight or lead an healthier life, thoses specialists will help you reach your goals. But which one do you need to consult? After a three-years cursus, dietitians have received a recognised degree while nutritionists is not a regulated profession. If the medical appointment is generally more expensive, you can expect a refund from your health mutual if you book in a dietetician practice.