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Most Medicis practitioners are multilingual and can offer consultations in several languages.
The dietician can also carry out consultations specialized in sports nutrition:

- Weight management
- Natural optimization of performances
- Management of glycogen, especially before and during a competition

He will give you food preparation techniques and multiples types of cooking.

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Dietary choices are influenced by factors such as age, stress levels, and more. This professional dietitian caters to a diverse range of individuals, spanning from children and teenagers to senior citizens, helping them achieve a well-balanced diet in their daily lives.

Specialising in conditions like obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol, this dietitian crafts personalised programs to address your specific needs. Appointments are available at his practice in Schaerbeek, Brussels.

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Complementarity of services around weight management as well in prevention as in therapeutic or particular situations: overweight, obesity, diabetes,...
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A varied and balanced diet offered for people suffering from diabetes. Prevention and treatment for obesity, hypertension, cholesterol.
Rue Marcel Marien, 21 - 1030 Schaerbeek
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Are you a nutritionist in Brussels ?

As a professional in this field, if you are active in the Brussels area and if you are experienced, you can join our network. We provide you various customised solutions in order to increase your public recognition and expand your client basis.

Dietitian and nutritionist : what are the differences?

In Belgium, the title of "dietitian" is protected by the law. It means that the workers of this field need a certification issued by the authorities. As members of the medical staff, these experts follow a three-year course and receive at the end a bachelor’s degree.

On the contrary, the professional activity of nutritionist is not protected by the law, which therefore means that whenever you are visiting this type of doctor, you are not sure to visit an expert. However, a GP or a dietitian can hold, in addition to his/her title of doctor, a title of nutritionist. Indeed, throughout medical school, it is possible to get a specialisation in “clinical nutrition”.

Concerning the services they provide, the dietitian will follow known rules and scientific programs in order to help you to find a life balance. They are in constant exchange with doctors, researchers and so on to provide a service based on the latest discoveries in this field. Their advice addresses a whole group of individuals. By contrast, a nutritionist may give some pieces of advice for specific diets such as gluten intolerant or vegetarian.

Indeed, if you suffer from a serious disease linked to weight (diabetes, obesity...) or from eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia...), you are more likely to follow the advice of a professional, that is to say a dietitian. Otherwise, if you are simply looking for a new diet which will help you feel good or sleep better, the help of a nutritionist can be sufficient.

Information published on the page Brussels Wellness / Dietetics and nutrition.

More information about nutritionists and dietitians

Whether you want to lose weight or lead an healthier life, those specialists will help you reach your goals. But which one do you need to consult? After a three-years cursus, dietitians have received a recognised degree while nutritionists is not a regulated profession. If the medical appointment is generally more expensive, you can expect a refund from your health mutual if you book in a dietetician practice.

When should you consult a dietician?

The expertise of dieticians and nutritionists is not only useful for those who want to lose weight. These professionals can also help people suffering from pathologies such as diabetes or Crohn’s disease. Dieticians can also provide you with valuable support if you have an eating disorder (bulimia, anorexia…) or help you balance your diet if you are pregnant.

A growing number of people want to start a plant-based diet. It may be for ethical reasons or for a positive effect on the global warming (the meat industry has a greta impact on the environment). Nevertheless, it is a big change for your body and if vegetables, fruit and legume are actually really good for your health, you have to take care of your nutritional intake and ensure you have eaten all the elements you need in a day. By seeing a dietitian, you will make sure you do not lack any nutrients.

Another period of life that also requires a special attention is pregnancy. This time is sometimes a joyful experience and the idea of a baby coming really helps, but it can also be really stressful. As the fœtus is developping, you have to be sure it has everything it needs to grow into a strong baby. Of course, you have a medical follow-up for food supplements, but the help of a nutritionnist may ensure you have all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you and the future infant need to be healthy. This expert can help you design a meal plan for a balanced, but still tasty, diet.

Why weight cannot be the only factor to measure health?

There is a common misconception in our society which states that being skinny or muscular is healthier in all circumstances. Therefore, being overweight is seen as a factor of an unhealthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, many reasons can explain why a person does not fit the "standard BMI". There is a big difference between the ideal weight (the one you want to achieve) and the healthy weight (the one with the right proportions according to your specific conditions). The BMI (body mass index) completely misses the individual features, such as body fat and muscle mass, bone density, sex but also racial characteristics. When you go and see your dietitian or nutritionist, make sure all these aspects are taken into account in order to follow a correct diet and exercise program. The goal is to feel well in the long-term.

Contact other health professionals in Brussels

Do you need to take care of your health by changing or adapting your current diet? Several experts in nutrition will help you to find a balanced lifestyle and give you pieces of advices to add all the needed nutrient in your daily meals.

MEDISPORT - Dietary counseling in Brussels: Go through personal results and understand what is wrong or could be improved in your food habits, thanks to Philippe Reumont. On that ground, you will be able to eat better and have a healthier lifestyle whatever your demand is: weight loss, diabetes, children, food intolerances... Tel: 02 / 675 74 22.

MANON DESMET - Ixelles: This experienced dietetician takes charge of every person who wants to follow her advice, if they suffer from excess weight, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, etc. Manon Desmet teaches you how to eat healthy by helping you to do your shopping. Tel: 0473 / 31 87 43.

BALANCED SPORTS CLINIC - Brussels : If you make a point of starting a new lifestyle, with balanced nutrition and regular activities, do not hesitate to make an appointment in this centre. Dietitians will give you pieces of advice according to your situation (work, habits, needs, height and goals to achieve). Tel : 0499 / 29 53 06.