Wellness for men in Brussels

ASPRIA ROYAL LA RASANTE WOLUWE : a range of massages for men

The prestigious club Aspria Royal La Rasante, located in a naturel area in Woluwe, welcomes your family with luxurious amenities dedicated to wellbeing

Discover their wide range of massage for men:
- hot stone massage
- shiatsu
- massage using essential oils
- slimming massage, aromatherapy…
Childcare, fitness and beauty treatments are also available.

ASPRIA ARTS-LOI : massage for men by the wellbeing professionals

Gentlemen, take your wellness to the experts of Aspria Arts-Loi, the most active club in Brussels.

Aspria Arts-Loi is a prestigious wellbeing centre in the heart of the European quarter. 

Its therapists can offer you the massage which best meets your needs:
- relaxing massage: hot stones, Swedish...
- global massage: shiatsu, Thai, Korean

ASPRIA AVENUE LOUISE : a haven for male care

In Brussels, the exclusive club for adults Aspria Avenue Louise offers face and body treatments for men.

- therapeutic and aesthetic treatments
- massage Shiatsu, Thai, Zen ...
- sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, relaxing chairs ...
- group classes and ultramodern gym

Treat yourself to a interlude of relaxation and sensuousness.


Homme se faisant masser le crâne
Are you looking for a spa offering treatment services for men ? Nadine Salembier offers the expertise of its beauticians for all types of treatments :

- waxing
- pedicure and manucure
- face and body care
- massages

These care experts garantee a moment of pure relaxation, whatever service you choose.

Tel : 02 / 512 94 31

What are the advantages of a massage?

Enjoying a massage is a great idea if you need a moment to yourself. It will help you relax and reduce muscle tension or aches and pains. Indeed, massages have many physical and mental benefits:

  • they relax tight muscles
  • they improve flexibility
  • they aid recovery from conditions like chronic back pain and sports injuries 
  • they enhance blood flow
  • they stimulate the lymphatic system, helping to flush out toxins from the body

Massages reduce mental and emotional stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and peace. They trigger the release of endorphins and serotonin, improving mood and sleep quality.

Massages also boost overall lifestyle and productivity: reduced pain and stress levels increase energy and focus. Incorporating massages into your routine promotes long-term health and wellness.

Information published on the Brussels Wellness / Men webpage.

More information about these wellness centres for men in Brussels

If you still think beauty is only a "girl thing", you couldn't be more wrong! Since every person living in the city is exposed to pollution and dirt, it is necessary to have your skin cleansed. Today's way of life is also directly linked to tiredness, stress, sometimes anxiety and depression. This affects not only your state of mind, but also your appearance. It is important to take care of it with face and body treatments designed for both men and women. Discover a few ways to relax, to clean and moisturize your face, and so on in these wellness centres for men.

In the selection here above, you will find a series of institutes providing special care and treatments for men in the Brussels area. Most commonly, they have access to a sauna, a hammam as well as other wellness facilities so that you can benefit from different types of destressing therapy. If you often haven muscle pain from your sports practise, do not hesitate to book a massage.

Benefit from massages with special scents for men (such as "marine" or wood fragrances), those institutes provide several routines to help release muscle and joints pains, but also stress. Discover skin treatments to clean and repair skins that have been damaged by shaving on a regular basis. They offer special treatments to take care of beards, so that the hairs grow strong and beautiful.

If you often work out, you may feel the need to book a session in a sauna or a hammam, the hot air and high level of wetness is helpful to completely reset your body and detoxify it as well as relieve your mind from negative thoughts. Do not hesitate to go to one of the institutes in Brussels for a quick visit in a steam room.

Other wellness centers in Brussels

You did'nt find any beauty center near your house ? Have a look on our list :

A Beauty Well - Brussels: Benefit from a fully delightful moment in this spa and wellness centre welcoming men and women! With your friends or your lover, enjoy the massage session, jacuzzi and sauna in a relaxing atmosphere. You can also book special cares and treatments.,Tel : 02/305 02 02.

Karen Sammon - Brussels: Enjoy a special mens facial treatment with exfoliating and extractions, massage and customized treatment mask. Be perfectly relaxed and clean. Tel : 0477/76 47 94.

Sama Wellness: With its 3 centers in the city of Brussels, Sama wellness provides you a large variety of services : massages, haidressing and barber, manicures and even depilation. Professionnal estheticians take care of your skin, your nails and your whole body so that you feel relaxed and confident for weeks. Tel : 02/324 89 47.