Pools & Jacuzzi in Brussels

ASPRIA AVENUE LOUISE : a luxurious pool in the heart of Brussels

Right in the heart of the Louise neighborhood, this exclusive club for adults offers a luxurious pool as well as group classes including aquagym. 

Aspria Avenue Louise welcomes you in a sumptuous nineteenth century building, in which you can enjoy a lot of luxuous equipments : spa with sauna, hammam, relaxation, ultramodern gym, etc. All of these prestigious settings make this club an exceptional club that will satisfy a demanding clientele.


ASPRIA ARTS-LOI : a 21 meters pool in the heart of the European quarter

In the heart of the European neighborhood, you’ll find a 21 meters pool, a spa with a hammam, a jacuzzi and a sauna, as well as trendy fitness facilities at Aspria Arts-Loi.

This club is open to an international clientele who whishes to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

Come and dive into the pool, join one of the 140 group classes, including aquagym or unwind in its many relaxation areas.


ASPRIA ROYAL LA RASANTE WOLUWE : 2 pools in a green area

The prestigious Aspria Royal La Rasante club in Woluwe welcomes you in its 2 pools, as well as a spa with sauna, jacuzzi and hammam. 

You can take swimming lessons for all ages, but also enjoy aquagym classes, 7 tennis courts, a nursery for your little ones and a wide range of children’s activities. 

Not forgetting the fitness and group classes.


Wellness space at Poseidon sport club

Wellness space at Poseidon sport club
Poseidon pool welcomes you in Woluwe and offers 7 jacuzzis to relax after exercise.
Also saunas, steam baths and solariums.

Tel : 02 / 771 66 55


piscine wellness extérieure
Located in the Brussels area, this luxurious institute offers for rent private rooms where you can enjoy a moment in a hot tub, in a pool and even in a sauna and hammam. You can also book a massage.


Located in Brussels, this wellness center welcomes you into the world of the Asian splendour. Indoor & outdoor pool, sauna, hammam, bubbling spa, jacuzzi...
Tel : 02 / 216 30 05


Wellness Helena is located in Brussels :
- private booking of the centre
- sauna, hammam, jacuzzi
- swimming pool
Tel : 02 / 466 00 49

SPA LOUISE - Brussels

Are you searching for professionals to help you relaxing ? Spa Louise is located in the middle of Brussels and have hammam, sauna, jacuzzi. They also suggest you different types of massages : energizing, relaxing...

ESPADON - Brussels

Swimming can have many health benefits. You can swim for recreation and to feel good or you can take it to a competitive level. This workout keeps your heart rate up, tone your muscles, and is an excellent cardiovascular fitness.
Tel : 02 / 640 38 38

AQUA HEAVEN - swimming pool in Brussels

If you are looking for a nice swimming pool in Brussels, check out Aqua Heaven's infrastructures. You can also relax into their other facilities such as the Turkish bath, the Finnish chalet (with sauna) and several jacuzzis. Book you visit online.
Tel : 02 / 270 17 17


Open all week long, this swimming pool is located in Uccle, Brussels.
- swimming school
- solarium

Tel : 02 / 374 90 05

Do you manage pools & jacuzzi in Brussels ?

As a professional in this field, if you are active in the Brussels area and if you are experienced, you can join our network. We provide you various customised solutions in order to increase your public recognition and expand your client basis.

Take care of yourself

Having a hot bath is a nice way to relax. The benefit of it will be even greater if you add some bubbles. Indeed, jacuzzi is for its positive effect on your mental and your physical health. First of all, it is noticed that the joint action of the heat with the hydromassage tend to reduce anxiety and muscular soreness. It is then perfect after a hard workout, a difficult cardio session or a long day at the office. If you often experience insomnia or if you have trouble falling asleep, hot tubs are a good solution for the same reasons.

It is also good for people with osteoporosis as well as elderly people who suffer from rheumatism or heavy legs, athletes with joints problems and persons with a bad circulation are also advised to take the time for a hot tub session beacause it dilate blood vessels. In addition, the action of hot water helps to recover after a physical effort. That’s why it’s used by athletes after their training.

As it helps circulation, it also reduces blood pressure in your head; therefore, people who frequently suffer from headaches or migraines are also advised to immerse themselves in a jacuzzi.

Note that it is not recommended to stay more than 30 minutes in the hot tub to avoid hyperthermia or somnolence. This activity is not advised if you have heart problems or while you are pregnant. 

Information published on the 24th June 2020 on the webpage Brussels wellness / Pools and jacuzzi.

Looking for a place where you can relax ?

Are you stressed out by your every day life ? Do you need some time out of the city's speed ? Going to a spa or a pool might do you some good. The soft touch of water, the massages or the hamman will set you free of your responsabilities and the pressure on your shoulders, and you will come out as new. Take some "me" time and enjoy these luxurious spas.

Take precaution

If you want to relax carefully, you need to take precaution. Indeed, there are risks of hyperthermia. That is the reason why it is highly recommended not to spend more than 30 minutes in the hot tub. Moreover, the water temperature should not exceed 40° C. Furthermore, pay attention to the power of water jets which might cause pain. Children are generally not allowed in hot tubs in order to avoid heat strokes.

Have you ever heard about balneotherapy?

The word "balneotherapy" includes all kinds of treatments performed in water in the wellness institutes, such as massage, carbogaseous and even multijets baths. You can even have the use of hot tubs, which will bring you a huge number of benefits. For example, it may increase the feeling of relaxation and calm, or boost your metabolism and your blood flow, depending on the option you choose.

Be ready for your wellness session

If you're planning to go to a spa for the first time in order to enjoy a hot tub, you have to know how to dress beforehand. Indeed, some institutes leave towels, bathrobes and slippers at your disposal while others will have you take your own stuff. Of course, you will need a swimsuit, but you will also have to bring a toilet bag. For reasons of hygiene, it is highly recommended to take a shower before and after a session in the hot tub. If you have long hair, tie them; and if you wear make-up, remove it.